Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Making Healthy Meal Plans Is A Pain In The What?

Creating Healthy Meal Plans day in and day out seems daunting. Actually when I first thought about it, it sounded downright painful. Trust me, it's not. In fact, it's kind of fun, especially when the whole family is involved and when you're prepared.

If you need a jump start, don't hesitate to use the services that are available today that specialize in helping families enjoy eating at the dinner table again. Most of the online services will offer free trials, sample menus and a bunch of other bonuses.

Here's a list of some cool ones that I found:

Menu Planning Central
Weekly Meal Planning - Free Sample
Are You Eating Healthy? - Free Sample Menu

And the best thing about planning my meals in advance is that I don't end up purchasing junk or making a visit through the drive-thru just to get us through dinnertime. I really find that I save time and money by planning my meals.

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Michelle said...

Try this one, too! There are a week's worth of sample menus.


Cecilia de la Rocha said...

Hi there - This is a great one too: